Restaurant "UKRAINE"

Just 50 meters from the bus station in Karlovy Vary is the restaurant "Ukraine". To break the established stereotypes, a 2-meter long Carpathian bear meets you at the entrance with a smile and an accordion.

       National Towels and embroidered shirts are in the restaurant. But, the main thing in the Ukrainian restaurant is, of course, the cuisine: rich borscht with beef, thick fragrant hodgepodge with smoked meats, pancakes with sour cream, mushrooms, meat. Chicken Kiev - of course. Vareniki with potatoes and fried onions. Pies with cabbage. Pelmeni - boiled and fried. And for dessert - vareniki with cherries. It's all handmade by our chefs.

        For meat lovers, we offer inexpensive fried pork tenderloin or chicken fillet with homemade potatoes and salad. Fried veal with onions and potatoes is served in a frying pan. In addition to dumplings, vegetarians will be pleased with wheat porridge with mushrooms and baked vegetables with homemade barley bread. Salmon steak or fried trout will satisfy any gourmet who loves fish.

        Homemade berry juice and Karlovy Vary beer, unfiltered and unpasteurized, from our own brewery, are very tasty and healthy. By the way, our branded “Karlovy Vary beer Stary Grad” is sold only in a few restaurants “Old Slavic Cuisine” and in the Georgian restaurant “Cha-cha”.

        In good weather, guests of the Ukrainian restaurant can sit at tables outside near the entrance.

       Inside there is a large hall with a bar and two cozy smaller halls. Each of them is decorated in an individual style. At the same time, the restaurant "Ukraine" can hospitably receive about 80 guests.

        How to visit or visit us? Easy: 200 m from the largest car park in the city near the bus station, 80 m from the underground car park, 250 m on foot from Becherplatz.




The actual price on the menu may vary

Tuesday, 22 June 2021

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